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Welcome to my home page.  I am a singer/songwriter who writes in a variety of styles including rock, folk, 90s classic, and even a bit of country. If you’re curious why you haven’t heard of me before please check out my backstory page; it lays out why I had no interest in writing or recording music for the last decade or so, and why I do so now with all my heart.

I am first and foremost an ALBUM ORIENTATED ARTIST.  To get the full effect of my music (and your time and money's worth) I want to almost insist you listen to at least one half of my record at a time.  If you are here because you like one of my songs then awesome! But try to listen to the entire album in order(in maybe a couple sittings) so you really get the full effect.  Stream on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud or whatever just give the whole thing a whirl and let me know what you think!

Born Into Addiction’s is about the damage done to friends and family members of substance abusers. A thousand records have effectively shown the dark lives addicts lead themselves, but not many have taken the perspective of the helpless observers. In my case it was my older brother’s death from a life of abuse which led me down this path. I let it everything I have out here: the anger, helplessness, frustration, fear, wild moments of hope, and utter devastation. The darkest days were beyond any feeling of sadness I have ever experienced… I’m hoping it will help others heal; writing it was cathartic for me and helped me finally move past decades of worry and suffering. I just want others to know that the grief does eventually end – especially if confronted head on with support from others.

If you made it this far in my wordy intro you may be thinking “Oh, God… another indulgent, self-confessional, pretentious album.” That may be true actually, but wait! Side two is NOT like side one at all! It is filled with joy and humor as I chronicle my ascent into the well-earned results of staring down grief. It was important to me to share this part of my life as well; I never thought I would ever feel good enough to play write or play music again, yet it happened. Music was a huge part.

So check out the sample songs on my Song Samples page. If you like what you hear, please support me by buying my album on the Shop Music and Merch page. Or head to Bandcamp, ITunes, Amazon Music, or Soundcloud to download Born Into Addiction right into your devices.

Photography for this site and Born Into Addiction by Noelle Weymouth:
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