The first track from my upcoming album will be released on all platforms tomorrow (Monday June 26th).  I'll hook up a link on this site as well on the home page.  Please, if you enjoy the song SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!  Here is how I described it on my FB page:

"Just a reminder that the first song from my new album "Someday" will be released on Monday! This is a rocker, and is a tribute to early 2000s pop rock - Dave Matthews influenced maybe?
I actually wrote the song back then and decided to bring it back in full glory. It is a narrative about a young deadbeat dad trying to understand why he's repeating the same destructive pattern to his kids he suffered as a child himself. Kind of interesting but not over-bloated or pretentious. The song clocks in at under 3 1/2 minutes - most songs will be under 4 minutes on this album. Below is the photo associated with the song - taken by my old friend Guy Harper. Thank you Guy! You're an amazing photographer!"

I have a concert in Providence at Jake and Johnny's on Friday, March 3rd at 9:00 PM.  This bar is attached to the magnificent Napolitano's Pizza - my favorite pizza in the state of Rhode island.  Please consider having a night out to see me play and enjoy terrific food and drink!
I've been busy recording new songs  Here they are in the order in which they were released:
Just release this week is my favorite song Eric Callaghan took the lead on from back in our roommate days together:
I just uploaded my new song "Fade Away" to Bandcamp.  This a acoustic/Baroque pop hybrid described as "dark" and catchy".  I'm going to release it to Spotify soon.  Here is a link right here:


145,000 streams and counting on Spotify. Thank you to everyone who's listening! Please consider buying my entire CD or a T-Shirt right here on this site. I also have direct to vinyl cuts as well from my Brooklyn session.
I started recording new material as well.  Look for a new song maybe in about a month! 
Email: ericdwightmusic@gmail.com


I'm heading to New York City (Brooklyn) to record at Leestavall Studios!  This is a great opportunity for me and I'm very grateful that they chose me to work with them.

This is a direct to vinyl recording - I will leave the studio with individualized records for anyone who orders them.  I've alread had seven people sign up, but I'm hoping for more, so please click the link below for more information!



"Baby, These Are dark Days" has been placed on multiple user Spotify playlists - now it's up to nine.  I'm getting about 250 streams a day, which is great!  Here is a link to the song:

Baby, These Are Dark Days

If you listen and enjoy, please stream the other songs on "Born Into Addiction" too.


May 2021:

This website is about to be connected with Facebook, and more importantly I’m about to share this page with all of my contacts. That is the first step for me and what I’m comfortable sharing for now. Plans for streaming are in the works, but honestly, that is a rip-off for artists. I would like to encourage anyone interested in my music to purchase my CD online. I’d like to tap out the market for these fans before I delve into streaming where I need literally 100 times as many people interested to make 1 dollar.

So if this webpage has been shared with you please listen to my sample songs and if you like what you hear buy my album either digitally or order a physical CD.

Bandcamp will be the next step simply because they have a fair deal for artists and I respect that. Perhaps Soundcloud as well.

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